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Waiting for an album is crazy

"The idea of writing 14 songs and just waiting for them to come together before I have an album ready and then releasing that album just seems crazy to me." - Jonathan Coulton, CD Baby Podcast (2007)

After spending the last 6 months working on this album, I'm trying not to get to anxious about it's release. The original release date was supposed to be early September, then late September, and now what I hope to be the actual release for mid-October. There continues to be one more thing to add, one more thing to polish, one more thing that could sound/look better. Its been definitely an exercise of patience, that's for sure.

Overall, I'm just really excited about getting this music out there for you guys, my fans, friends, and supporters. I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you and my hope is that you guys will really enjoy this labor of love. I've spent so much time and energy on this entire project...I hope you guys can actually hear it in the music. The whole experience has changed my life and I really appreciate all the encouragement so far. 

So, all I'm really waiting for at this point is possibly re-recording a guitar part for the last song on the album and having my producer give it one more listen before we get it manufactured. I'm also waiting for two things to be added to the album design/layout. Oh, and the mechanical licenses on two of the cover songs, making it legal for me to put those on the album. We're sooooo close!!!

In the meantime, I'm working on the sheet music kickstarter reward. The sheets are mostly done themselves...I'm just writing a little about how each song was inspired. Then I need to work on the theory part in the beginning about how to read sheet music. Then I have to send it to the printers to get those printed up as well as the T-shirts. I'm shooting to have all of this done next week, so...it's going to be a long weekend, lol.

Oh. Did I mention I need to move in a few weeks? I don't even know where...I've been working so much on the album stuff, I've barely had time to go house hunting! There's only a few more weeks of my normal backdrop in my videos before the change of scenery. Hard to believe I've lived in this apartment for 3 years. And my poor cat. It took her so long to adjust to this apartment. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm not sure I can move her into the new house so soon because after I move, I need to get ready for New York Comic Con and I'll be gone for 5 days. She hates being alone for that long, and I can't imagine her being alone in the new house. She'll probably have to stay with my family. Hopefully she'll be okay.

I'm hoping I can post a video for you guys this weekend. I had planned something really special with a friend, but I'm still waiting for his part. It'll be worth the wait. -David


Awesome I absolutely can't wait for the release of your album! Just a month left!

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