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Understanding your creative process [Vlog]

How to Be Creative (vlog)


After overcoming a creative slump for the past several weeks, I break down what helped me get through the mental block and tips on how you can be a more creative person! What are your personal tips or experiences with creativity? Let me know in the comments!



My friends in the Youtube community were also kind enough to share some great creativity tips!


"Here's a trick I always do: it's been proven that walking improves your creativity, even if it's on a treadmill. Every time I feel like I'm going nowhere on a project, I just walk my dog for a few miles. It really helps." - SongeLeReveur


 "I find that when I have a creative block, I can't just sit around and "wait" for something to end it. I usually just have to force myself to start a project, and then I end up spending hours on it (and being productive)! It's more about motivating myself to just sit down and do it." - Tera C Music


"I have always found that great content--at least for vlogging--comes from asking questions. Start with a simple question: 'Why do people like music?' Once I find an answer, I keep getting more and more specific until I find a idea that might be interesting or fresh" - ThatViolaKid


"Enter a new creative space (video games, art, movies, dance), and enforce a generous but organized deadline!" - Swiggles1987 


"Deadlines help creativity, I've found! Also, whenever I'm stuck in terms of arranging a tune, I typically pull out my voice recorder on my phone and I just sing the tune until I hear a good arrangement in my head!" - insaneintherainmusic


"If you can't hammer an idea in your head yet, be productive with other things that you need to do for the meantime like cleaning your room, maintaining your instruments, doing chores etc. As long as you condition your mind to start thinking of ideas, your brain will be doing work in the background without you forcing it because you're mind is relaxed while you do mindless activities. Eventually an idea will come. Sometimes you really cannot force it, and sometimes you can. It's always a dynamic process which is why it's so much fun!" - TheStringPlayerGamer


"Go for a run with your favorite music. Your thoughts will take over. Try it!" - LadyGameLyric


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Ik it's very late to comment but I love your music and your such a talented musician and I wanted to ask if you can start putting out ocarina tabs on the songs you play

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