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The 2015 Ocarina Collab!

Ocarinists around the world, it's time to make our annual collab! I recently posted the song we'll be performing for our collab, but in case you missed it, check it out below. 

Also be sure to check out our 2013 collab and 2014 collab to get an idea of how these are edited. This year, we're going to be a little more organized, so please read through all the rules and FAQ section below and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email (docjazz4[at]gmail.com) or on Twitter (@Docjazz4). Happy playing! 


- Download the sheet music and tabs HERE

- Song details

Ocarina needed: any ocarina in C

Tempo: 100bpm

Key: C 

Repeated chord progression: ||: F / C / | G / C / :||

- All instruments are welcome, but to help us keep track of who's playing what and which parts, please refer to and use this form

- Please play along with backing tracks provided below using earbuds or headphones. I will be layering a new backtrack over your instrument audio, so we should not hear the backtrack in your video.

-- Backtrack 1: all instruments, without ocarina (right click, then click "Save As")

-- Backtrack 2: all instruments, without ocarina and solo (right click, then click "Save As")



- DO NOT EDIT YOUR VIDEOS. Even though only a portion of your performance may be used, leaving your videos unedited makes it MUCH easier for me to edit, even if there are large amounts of silence where you are not playing.

- Video files accepted: .MP4 and .MOV are preferable. Please do not submit .AVI.

- To submit your video, please upload your file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or host on your own personal server, then submit a downlink via this Google form: http://goo.gl/forms/HLR4SsdMnW

- UPDATED Submission Deadline: November 16th, 11:59pm Pacific 


** Frequently Asked Questions **

What if I don't own a good camera or recording equipment? 

If you can't borrow one from a family or friend, many smartphones are equipped with pretty nice cameras and mics, which are perfectly fine. Otherwise, it's okay if your camera isn't the best. I just want you to be a part of this and to have fun!

Why kind of ocarina do I need? Why doesn't my ocarina sound in tune with the song?

This song was written for ocarinas tuned to C, and various ocarina types can be used for the different sections:

- 4-1-5-1: pendants with 4-6 holes, transverse with 9-12 holes, Inlines ocarinas

- Verse: transverse with 9-12 holes. A slight variation can be played on pendants with 6 holes and Inlines 

- Chorus: pendants with 4-6 holes, transverse with 9-12 holes, Inlines ocarinas

- Improv: all ocarinas

Do we have to film in front of a public landmark like previous years? 

No. however, considering we're each representing our cities, states, and countries, it would still be cool to see some outdoor landmarks AND you'll be sharing the ocarina with others around you!


Is it too late too submit a video?
I'm having a beast of a time uploading to Dropbox and I don't have Google Drive. I don't suppose one can upload their submission to You-Tube and email the link to you?
When will our videos be due to submit and am I allowed to use a triple chamber instead of a single or double?
@beavinator1 don't know if you have seen it, but we have time till november 16th. Maybe enough time for my new ocarina to arrive so I can play more than just 4-1-5-1 (got a chinese ocarina with terrible high notes).
Any chance of extending the deadline due to the delay in posting the backing tracks? I'd really like to participate, but I didn't feel comfortable trying to record without those tracks, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get this done in the next 5 days...
Good job on the midi file there, to whoever "Me" is :) Also, David, the comment field is acting kind of weird, it always puts your last word on an extra line. If you change the value of the wrap-attribute in the HTML code from "wrap" to "", it should fix that.
This will be my first time in the ocarina collab-HOPEFULY I can upload my video to you before the deadline (ONE being that I am lazy sometimes, and TWO that I have never made or uploaded a video before... No pressure, right?). I will give you my video as soon as I can get the song down and finish it. Can't wait to see the collab!
For all those too eager to wait for the tracks I made the sheet music into a midi for you all! https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1nnryh0a683iz5/FourOneFiveOneStandard.mid?dl=0
I hope you can upload the backing tracks soon. I need an audio reference since I can't read music notation well enough to decipher the note durations. All those dotted notes and ties are impossible for me to sight read.

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