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The 2014 Ocarina Collab unites 70 ocarinists from around the world!

 This past October, ocarinists from around the globe once again represented their cities, states, and countries in our annual video collaboration, all the while playing the ocarina out in public in the name of "ocarina awareness"! Here are a couple facts and statistics about this year's collab:

Random facts

- "Ocarina Road" was one of three possible original songs for this year's collaboration. A vote was held via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with this song winning by just 50 votes.

- The song was originally called "Hometown", as a nod to ocarinists representing their hometowns around the world. Several people noted that song had an "adventure"  and "open road" type of sound, which the new title reflects. Coincidentally, The original demo version was also recorded in 3 separate cities as I toured the East Coast in the Fall of 2014.

- At least 2 animals appear somewhere in the final edit.

-This was the most complex video I've ever edited. The editing process included sorting through 105 submitted videos (some were multiple takes by the same ocarinist), selecting short clips from each, converting the various video formats, the actual editing, and graphics and text, totaling up to over 70 hours.

Quick stats

-15 Countries represented

-70 Ocarinists (with most participants from the US and Germany in second place)

-72 hours of editing

-105 submitted videos

Thank you to everyone who participated, and if you have not yet seen the video, you can check it out below!


Hi David!!, could you tell me who is the guy from caracas venezuela or at least give me his e-mail address. We are in the same university where he was playing !!!

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