David Erick Ramos



Performing with the Videri String Quartet


David with Videri

In 2013, I was invited to perform at a pre-concert show in New York for the "Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses". What made this performance so special was that I would have the opportunity to perform with the very talented Videri String Quartet - a Boston based ensemble that focused on classical arrangements of video game music. That evening was magical and was instantly a major highlight of my career, especially since it took place at Nintendo World!

Nintendo World Picture 

This year, I knew I would be on the East coast for several conventions, so I had contacted Videri about collaborating once again. This time, in the form of two videos.

One of my favorite themes to play on ocarina, this arrangement by Julia Seeholzer was originally performed with ocarinist Zenkyu earlier in 2013. What were the chances that Videri would perform with two different ocarinists in the same year?!



This second piece, also arranged by Julia, was from our performance at Nintendo World. I'm so glad we got to perform it again!


It was an honor to perform with them not once, but twice, and I really hope we'll get to perform another show together. Special thanks to Jeron Moore for hooking us up and Videri director Rosie Samter for making these videos happen!


Awesome news...was just looking through your website. I used the first part of the Zelda Symphony 25the anniversary this past Friday at my school before 3rd grade performed on their Tenor STL 6-Hole for a.mini-concert!

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