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October is OcAwareness Month!

Every OCtober, ocarinists from around the world venture out with their ocarinas to share with their friends, family, neighbors, and classmates. The purpose? We want everyone to know how amazing our favorite flute is!  

One of my favorite parts of this campaign is our annual worldwide video collaboration, where we all record ourselves playing the same song and edit the videos together for one major performance! Here is our collab video from 2012, performing “You Are My Sunshine”.

This year, we’ll be performing a song I wrote along with Mr. Richard Winzenried titled “Together”, off my upcoming album, "Leave Luck to Heaven". The inspiration for the song was that I wanted a tune that ocarinists of all experience levels could perform "together". Here's the new video for the song demonstrating how you can share the ocarina in your local area!

Here’s what you’ll need to partake in this collab:

  • - Transverse ocarina in C, pendant ocarina in C, or inline in C
  • - A video camera
  • - A stereo or mp3 player to play back music (download mp3 here: http://bit.ly/LL2H-Together)
  • - The music sheets (download sheets/tabs here: http://bit.ly/Together-sheets ) 
  • - a public location or land mark (e.g. - in a park, at your school, on the beach, your local downtown area, etc.)

Remember that the purpose of Ocarina Awareness Month is to share the ocarina with as many people as possible, so the more people that are in your video, the better!

Please submit your videos without any edits, which means no text, fades or transitions.

Videos can be submitted by posting on youtube and using the following hashtag in the title and description: #OcarinaColab2013

The deadline to submit videos will be on November 3rd, 2013. Good luck and have fun sharing the ocarina this month!


HI David did you make and vinyl record of the album?? i like records better then cds
Thank you so much for your amazing music! Your album was a real pleasure to listen too and playing "Together" on my ocarina proved to be a fantastic challenge and got me playing the dreaded high notes (something I've been avoiding for a while). It really helped with my playing. Thank you! -Hawkeye Maverick
david. you have inspired me and my brother to start playing ocarina because of the colab! we now are starting our own you tube music channel for video game music all because of you! THANKS SO MUCH FOR PLAYING YOUR OCARINA
Your the reason why I play ocarina and your from my city it's cool to see your in the community!
I want to get in, but i don't have the tbas or sheet music to play it, I tried to play it by ear, but still doesn't sound right, can you help me? ._.
I am so doing this! I LOVE my ocarina, and this song is so dang beautiful!
I think it would be awesome to join you for ocarina awareness. I have loved ocarinas for a long time, and have enjoyed playing mine. I am attempting to expand my collection, and become good at playing. I will try to join soon!
David, This is a phenomenal way to spread ocarina / music love! I really appreciate the work you put into this. Keep it up! I'll be joining you very shortly in OcAwareness, once I get a few more tunes memorized. Danny
I hope that I can send you a video too because it would be such an awesome sight to be playing with YOU because you are the best.
I'm so on to music and you inspired me to try the ocarina and I hope that you make lots more videos. P.S. I think that it would be awesome if you combined with Lindsey Stirling to create a instrumental duet.
Pumped for this! make sure you use mine! youtube: mbyer9024. oc foever
So hyped up for this. I am ordering two new ocarinas from songbird this week from songbird. I can't wait. I am gonna play either around SA area or around my school. OCARINAS FOR LIFE!
Hey David, can't wait to participate! Thanks! :)
Can't wait to learn and be a part of this collab!
Wow, what an amazing song David! I will definitely try to learn and play this song for the ocarinacolab2013 ;) Greetings from The Netherlands, Peter :D
Oh and I will train playing this song to be part of the collab! I havent touched my Ocarina for almost a year now due to the fact my first one was a gift of my ex-girlfriend but I love the sounds of this instrument and I will give my all to play this at my very best! :)
Where andd when can I pre-order the album? I could not backe it so I would love to buy it "officially".

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