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It Begins: 23 Weeks to Album Release

With the help and encouragement of you guys, I've decided to take the next big step in my music career and release my first album. And I'm a little scared...

For years, you guys have asked me when I was going to release my first album and it's been the farthest thing away from my mind. Videos have always been my top priority (even when I was too busy to make any), but after celebrating my 6th Youtube anniversary this January and recently hitting that 80,000 subscriber mark, I figured now was as good a time as any. So why am I scared? I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. Not only that, but I hate starting projects if I know there's a chance I won't be able to finish it. But hey...that's life. Things pop up and spoil our plans all the time. All we can do is try our best and take one step at a time. So to get started on this grand musical adventure, I've done what I know how to do best: I drafted up a plan.

I sat down with a calendar and after doing a little online research, it appears that if I work hard, this thing can be pulled together in about 23 weeks (which is perfect, because 23 weeks from tomorrow is the week of August 8th, the day that I posted my first original ocarina song, "The OcTalk Jig"). Now you might say, "23 weeks? That sounds like PLENTY of time!". It really isn't. Not for a quality album anyway. Six of those weeks are dedicated to fundraising, which a few of you suggested I do using kickstarter. I'm still doing research on that, but it seems like the way to go. During that time, I'll also be finalizing all my arrangements for the album. Then I'll need to book the studio, book the other musicians on the album, do the recordings, find someone to do the art (maybe a contest?), and then after the mixing+mastering is done, ship it off to the CD manufacturers to get them printed up. It's going to be quite the process.

So, I'm definitely doing to need some encouragement from you guys. All in all, I'm doing this for everyone who has supported me and my music up to this point, and if you're reading this post, chances are you are one of those awesome people. So thanks for all your love, support, and inspiration to keep doing what I love to do: making music. The next 23 weeks are going to a crazy whirlwind and I can't wait to share the final outtcome with you all!

Question: What kind of Kickstarter Rewards would you like to see for this project? The crazier, the better. Let me know in the comments!


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Hey David! My name's Kevin and I just wanted to pass by and let you know that you were my inspiration for picking up the ocarina. I've seen many other people say the same thing. You should be proud! I know it's a personal mission of yours to spread the joys of the ocarina as far and wide as possible, and I hope you realize that you're doing an amazing job. I've played guitar and piano for years; and while I love those instruments, the ocarina has found a special place in me. I'll surely be purchasing your album and I'll also try to make it to Seattle for the next gathering. Thanks for all of your effort over the years. I look forward to seeing you grow as an artist and I wish you the best!
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Hello David, I live in San Antonio and am learning to play the ocarina along with my granddaughter. Is there an Ocarina club or group here in San Antonio? I went to Alamo Music and your name was mentioned. Can you give me any information that can help me? Thanks.
quiero descargar como lo ago
Hello David my name is John Magaña and I play and even made some of my own ocarinas. I have followed your stuff for a long time, I'm a craftsman so when I got Ceramics it came naturally. I have no suggestions but I play 40 instruments (I do not play them all like a pro though and a lot of them are played very similar so it is really 16). My main instruments are the panpipes (also my main instrument), hand drums, guitar, charango, and I sing so if you need someone to acompany you in any musical performance or video or if you just want to jam, I may be available. If you want any info on where I live or something about my music, e-mail me at: jmagana41@yahoo.com. God bless bro.
Dear David Hi my name is sam augustine and i play the ocarina i was inspired by the music you play i learned what the ocarina was when i was 11 and i was amazed can me and you stay in contact over face book please reply - Sam
what about something that represent your roots, heritage or even something that represents a certain time in your life ? You are very talented young person and I hope the best for you and others like you with a dream
I just posted this same comment on your video, but I'm not over it yet. My birthday is August 8th!! This shall be a year to remember
Hi David, thank you for inspiration, just backed your album project, hope it'll help you. Good luck with the work. And greetings from Poland :)
I think a Spencer ocarina is a good idea, maybe Hind's ocarinas. How does one Pre-order the CD?
Challenge Accepted David! I have entered your contest, but even if I lose, I will support you to the very end! >:)
Hey David! :) I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiring words. I've followed you for who knows how long, and I love your work. I may be young, but I wish you luck on your incredible journey.
i can say i would buy it :P. if everyone buys one copy and spreads da word your time spent will be worth it. :)
Maybe for someone who donates 250$ gets a signed ocarina? Or for a donation of 50$ a signed album plus a bonus track?
David, I am happy to hear that you have a plan set up to record your album! :) As for ideas for rewards...hmmm...would Songbird Ocarina be willing to work with you, maybe? Or Spencer Ocarina? Maybe you could offer your OcTalk written guide as one of the rewards...? You might even want to start a topic on TON asking for help and/or for brainstorming ideas. Maybe you could ask other ocarinists to donate a copy of one (or more) of their albums, put all of them together in a single package, and offer as a "higher" reward. Or, you could reach out to friends who are craft-savvy, to make some LoZ-related items (jewelry, props, plushies, etc.) Also, maybe you could make a poster of you playing the ocarina...Better yet, do a poster with a collage, showing something about each of your videos! You could autograph a number of them, have them as rewards. I hope my mini-brainstorm has helped a little...best of luck in getting everything underway, I'll be following and supporting you all along the way! :) Emily
I don't have any suggestions, David, but I'm excited for you! And for us! I've been enthusiastic about your music for... well, about six years, probably. You've got the talent, you've got the skills. and you've got the attitude. Congratulations and the best of luck!
I really like what youre doing and that youre starting your own album now. I will definitely look into it and buy it. Some cool kickstarter rewards would be ofcourse a free version of your album, for a really high tip u could dedicate a song to someone? and ofcourse the cake! :D

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