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I'm writing a method book for Ocarina!

For the past eight years, I have been posting ocarina video tutorials on Youtube sharing everything I've learned about the ocarina since 2000. Teaching people about this instrument and helping others with their music education has been a huge passion of mine ever since studying music in college, and that's why I'm excited to announce that I am writing a method book for the ocarina!

How to Play Ocarina Method Book

The book is being crowdfunded with Kickstarter and some of the funding will also help to finish my Youtube tutorial series of the same name. The first half of the series can be viewed here.

The project is now live on Kickstarter and I can't wait to share this book with you. Thanks for your support!


How to Play Ocarina - a Method Book & Video Series -- Kicktraq Mini


Thanks David*** xdddd
Bro i missed the kickstarter campaign. :/ where can i download the book? My GF gives me an ocarina and i realy need something to read and play, can you recomend me a book for ocarina? Thanks, Daryl
I missed the kickstarter (thankfully), but I'm still expecting for an opportunity to buy a book and watch a series of videos to go along with it. Will it ever happen? So far it has all signs of a typical scam campaign.
Will this book ever be published for public purchase?
i couldn't help out on kick starter or patreon, Will this book be available later on?
Hello David Namesthe. I am very eager to have the book HOW TO PLAY OCARINA. Can I have one copy pl.
How come there haven't been updates on the book ? :(
David, I am a huge fan. I remember when I first saw your song of time video; and I have been trying to get an ocarina, and now I really wish to purchase this book and I would love to know how much it would be and when it'll be available?
When will the book come out?
Hello David! My husband bought me an Ocarina as a gift and I'm very excited to learn to play it! I saw a few of your YouTube videos which I found very helpful. How would I be able to purchase this book? Thanks!!! :D
I missed the kickstarter campaign. Is this material going to be available later on as well? Thanks, Daryl

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