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I'm making a Video Game Cover album!

DER VG Album Art

In case you missed it, I recently announced on Facebook that I'm releasing my first EP of video game covers! And after reviewing all of your suggestions, I've picked my favorites and need your help making the final selections. This EP will have 6 tracks, one from each of the following series', and one bonus song. Give each of these a listen, and click the link at the bottom to pick one song from each series. And don't worry if you didn't see anything you liked - there will be a spot on the linked form for you to include one more suggestion. (Album art by Jacklyn Kirk; logo design by Jonni Rösa)


Super Mario (click titles to hear samples)

Bomb-bomb Battlefield (Mario 64)

Delfino Plaza (Mario Sunshine)

Waltz Medley: Underwater Theme (SMB 1), Merry Go-Round (Mario 64), Comet Observatory (Mario Galaxy) 

Yoshi Island Medley: Title Theme, Athletic Theme, Overworld Theme


The Legend of Zelda (click titles to hear samples)

Ballad of the Windfish (Link's Awakening)

Molgera's Battle Theme (Wind Waker)

Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)

Ocarina Medley (Main Theme, Lost Woods/Saria's Song, Song of Storms, Song of Healing, Zelda's Lullaby)


Final Fantasy (click titles to hear samples)

Chocobo Theme 

Terra's Theme (FF VI)

Suteki Da Ne (FF X)

To Zanarkand (FF X)


Pokémon (click titles to hear samples)

N's Farewell (B&W)

Route 113 (ORAS)

Lugia's theme (Pokemon 2000) 


Chrono Series (click titles to hear samples)

Wind Scene (Trigger)

Scars of Time (Cross)


Other Series' (click titles to hear samples)

Sonic Medley: Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Emerald Hill Zone

Super Metroid: Lower Brinstar 

Kirby: Green Greens

Mega Man: Whistle Concert (Protoman Theme)


Voting is now closed. Thanks for your help!



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The Legend of Zelda main theme
DragonRoost Island Windwaker
Hey David, it's so cool of you to ask for everybody's opinion. Can't wait to see you album! If you have any more photoshop jobs to do, ask away! - Felix

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