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2016 Ocarina Collab - Music and Submission Rules

Inside Out Preview


Ocarinists around the world, it's time to make our annual collab! I recently posted the song we'll be performing for our collab, but in case you missed it, check it out below. 



Also be sure to check out our 2014 collab and 2015 collab to get an idea of how these are edited. This year, we're going to be a little more organized, so please read through all the rules and FAQ section below and if you have any questions, feel free to comment on my Facebook wall or Tweet at me (@Docjazz4). Happy playing! -DER



- Download the sheet music and tabs HERE

- Song details

Ocarina needed: 10 hole, 12 hole, 5 hole, or 6 hole in C 

Tempo: 124bpm

Key: D major 

- All instruments are welcome (especially the intro), but to help us keep track of who's playing what and which parts, please refer to and use this form

- Please play along with backing tracks provided below using earbuds or headphones. I will be layering a new backtrack over your instrument audio, so we should not hear the backtrack in your video. [UPDATED 11/2/16]

-- Full song (with click) 

-- Backtrack 1 (all instruments with click)

-- Backtrack 2 (all instruments, without click)

-- Stems/Individual parts (WAV format, ZIP file)



- DO NOT EDIT YOUR VIDEOS. Even though only a portion of your performance may be used, leaving your videos unedited makes it MUCH easier for me to edit, even if there are large amounts of silence where you are not playing.

- Video files accepted: .MP4 and .MOV are preferable. Please do not submit .AVI or .WMV.

- To submit your video, please upload your file to Dropbox, Google Drive, or host on your own personal server, then submit a downlink via this Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/jAXEl2MdfoweOoTZ2

- Submission Deadline [UPDATED]: November 27th, 11:59pm Pacific 


** Frequently Asked Questions **


What if I don't own a good camera or recording equipment? 

If you can't borrow one from a family or friend, many smartphones are equipped with pretty nice cameras and mics, which are perfectly fine. Otherwise, it's okay if your camera isn't the best. I just want you to be a part of this and to have fun!


Why kind of ocarina do I need? Why doesn't my ocarina sound in tune with the song?

This song was written for ocarinas tuned to C, so while it may be possible for you to play with an ocarina tuned to a different pitch, you will need to transpose the song. 


Do we have to film in front of a public landmark like previous years? 

No. however, considering we're each representing our cities, states, and countries, it would still be cool to see some outdoor landmarks AND you'll be sharing the ocarina with others around you!



Whats the difference between firefox, google chrome, and internet explorer?
@Benjamin : I think it's better to sent what you have ^^ where do you have trouble?s
I'm having technical difficulties. Is it better to submit 60% of the song or not submit at all?
I swear while hearing the ocarina stem i had a jumpscare because of dat silence
If I know other fingerings for some notes, is that okay, or should I used the pictured fingering to keep it more uniform?
@AM Ocarina, I strongly suspect it is much more important to play in tune, rather than the right notes. I agree that on my Ocarina I have to blow a bit harder to match pitch, and even then I am feeling slightly flat.
@Stephen, disregard the YouTube video and go with the updated files uploaded 11/2. It looks like David rerecorded and the sheet music follows that. The bridge part is included in those recordings. I had issues with my download at first, but see my comment below on what I had to do to resolve. Make sense? Good luck!
Hi, does anyone know how to read this sheet? I get confused with it a bit cos there's a part that isn't played in the song.
Here's my question (lovely piece BTW) Can I get away with using an Alto D pendant with a little transposing instead of an Alto C? I have 2 Focalink Alto C and just playing by ear, I cannot get myself in tune with the Demo for the higher (first) part. What ever you used in the demo was barely higher pitch than a Focalink. Is it more important to stay in tune with the music or follow the Sheet music? Thanks in advance for your time. A.M.
I think the new download links are bad. Workaround is to copy URLs and set dl=1 instead of 0 to force download. Is it just me or are more people having issues too?
Hey i'm a french ocarina player and i wanted to know if they is another french who can contact me because it's my first participation and i probably not understand all of theses rules ^^" (send mail at mathias.jarod@gmail.com)
Yesss! Finally!
So, if we don't have good recording tech, how are we supposed to play it with the backtrack?
When is the deadline? Got to get new ocarina.
@Envy It's probably better to submit multiple videos, each showing you playing one instrument. That would allow David to put the individual instrumental parts where he feels they fit most, and arrange the videos in a nice split screen fashion.
Hey, it's Saturday. Where dem backing tracks at?
Sorry to ask another question again so soon, but is it okay if we edit our videos to keep the same time (so no time skips or anything, nothing lost) so that we can fit ourselves playing more instruments in? I want to maybe try a little bit of a cappella and I need to edit that together for it to work.
Hey David, how much would you like us to improvise and where?
If I were to play guitar for this, should I play the notes for the intro and then chords throughout the rest, or chords the entire time?

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