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2014 Ocarina Collab: Song selection

Hey everyone!

It's almost time for our annual video collaboration with ocarinsts from around the world! Below you'll find three songs I recently started and I need your help selecting one for the collab, which we'll start in October. Give each of the samples below a listen, and vote for your favorite one in the poll at the bottom.

Note: These are all Works-In-Progress (WIP) and I will continue working on the song that gets the most votes.



Where do I can get the tabs for the winning song?
I can Agree with everyone! The second song has better notes but the third song is just so happy!!! You could ad lyrics and make it an official song... For real ;)
When is the collab starting?
I really like the second and third one. The second one sound very poppy and kind of inspirational. The third sounds fun and kind of reminds me of last years song Together. The first one sounds good but not as good. ill probably have to go with song #2. But all the other songs would be good for a new album.
Song #2 takes advantage of the best notes on the ocarina, in my opinion. Looking forward to the collab!
Love, love LOVE the second song!
People, please vote for 2. That's the best one!
Let's play ocarina !
They were so good I can't pick one
I like all of them, but the third one is definitely my favorite of the bunch. It's very happy and harmony would work well on it! I'd be fine with the other ones too though. ^-^
You got some great Ideas! I like all of them! But I voted for the third one with the Guitar!

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